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Testing and fuelling service in Sassari
and throughout Sardinia

The Testoni family is recognised for its dedication in the fuelling field and this is reflected in their production of quality fuels throughout Sardinian territory. Established in the 1960s, from the very start we focussed on what were then the primary energy resources, namely coal, wood and combustible oils for ovens and boilers.

Thanks to unremitting production activity coupled with the maturation of our company-wide know-how, we now have an annual sales volume of around 65 million litres of fuel and a staff of 43 employees.
The Testoni fleet has 35 vehicles throughout the Sardinian territory, which serve mainly homeowners. However, occasionally we also supply smaller amounts of fuel.

Given our territory, Testoni has also established itself in the nautical market, supplying both yachts and ships at home and at sea points with the BUNKER brand in Porto Torres, Palau, Poltu Quatu, Baia Caddinas and Pula.


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Fuels, diesel and combustible oils

Testoni in Sassari produces fuels for various uses. We specialise in the production of fuel for agricultural, traction and heating purposes. High-calorific, low environmental impact fuel is produced to better meet the needs of the environment.

In addition, we are dedicated to the production of diesel for the automotive industry and heating, as well as dense and fluid fuels. We offer a convenient tank filling service and supply fuel for large boats and yachts using specialist delivery tankers.

The Bunker brand, quality assurance

The Bunker Point brand is a quality guarantee in the nautical sector. Testoni is proud to offer fuel to customers both at home and abroad, and for smaller boats in the Bunker Points that are contracted and marked by the Bunker brand.

Bunker brand fuels are subject to a different taxation than other petroleum products: contact us immediately to find out more or to request a quotation.
For information on the products we offer in Sardinia, contact us on: +39 079 261033
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