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Combustible oils are mainly used for the production of thermal energy through combustion in industrial furnaces and boilers, which can be transformed into electricity (thermoelectric power plants) or used for other industrial purposes.

Testoni is an ideal partner for refuelling fuel oils not only in Sassari, but throughout Sardinia, offering great value-for-money and a value-for-money customer service.
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Fuels: what are they?

Combustible oils are derived from oil processing. There are various types of oil product, which differ in the complexity of the refinery process and vary depending on the type of crude oil used.

One of the characteristics leading to the distinction between combustible oils is the sulfur content; the other is the viscosity, which is distinguished by fluid, semi-fluid and dense oils.

When and where to use combustible oils

Fuel oils are widely used in various industries: from heating to power generation, and much more. Another particularly widespread use is fuel for large vessels, which Testoni in Sardinia also supplies with a dedicated service.

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