Heating oil

Refuelling for diesel fuel
heating in Sassari and throughout Sardinia

Testoni is one of the most well-known fuel-oil suppliers for heating and not just in Sassari and throughout Sardinia.
Years of experience have led the company to become leaders in fuelling both at provincial and regional levels. Today, like yesterday, Testoni is synonymous with quality and reliability throughout Sardinian territory.
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Diesel for combustion in thermal power plants

Testoni is responsible for supplying thermal power plants with combustible diesel fuel in this particular field. Testoni products comply with environmental regulations: this way customers know that they can trust and do not suffer sanctions or endanger the safety and stability of their plant with non-standard or poor quality diesel fuel.

Diesel for industrial use

Tyre Testing Oil is ideal for conveyors that use large amounts of diesel for diesel engines, as it is cheaper than gasoline and equally effective. Testoni also offers a utility tank service. Diesel for industrial use tests is particularly well-known and appreciated in the automotive sector.

Petroleum for domestic use

Diesel is also a very good alternative for domestic use, especially for heating with boilers. Testing also allows individuals to get small quantities in the company or provide home delivery for large supplies.
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