Diesel Bunker

Boat oil: reliability and convenience in Sardinia

Testoni is dealer of the exclusive Bunker brand, synonymous with reliability and convenience in diesel. The company operates not only in Sassari, where it has its headquarters, but throughout Sardinian territory, offering a good on-board delivery service to the main Sardinian tourist ports and various Bunker Points on the island for private individuals wishing to supply small boats with quality diesel fuel.

Do not hesitate to contact us for product information or details of Bunker points on the island: our dedicated staff will be happy to answer your questions and concerns with courtesy, professionalism and punctuality.
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Diesel Gasoline Bunker

Bunker Point is the Testoni brand dedicated to nautical services.
The company offers exclusive on-board service for yachts and medium-large vessels, providing moto diesel, fuel and lubricants in the major ports of Sardinia.

If you own a smaller boat, you can take advantage of the Bunker Point branded sea points, available in various locations, including Porto Torres, Palau, Poltu Quatu, Baia Caddinas, Pula and Sant'Antioco.
Gasoline Bunker has another taxation than other petroleum products, and it is necessary to meet certain requirements to be able to buy it. For information, do not hesitate to contact Bunker Point Testing offices.

Bunker Point Offices

Porto Cervo
Harbor Houses - Old Pier
Tel. +39 079 2676366
Cel. +39 339 66 06 767
E-mail info@bunkerpoint.it
For more information about Bunker gasoline please contact the Testoni team
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