Diesel for road transport

Refuelling with diesel in Sassari and throughout Sardinia

Fuel is an increasingly used fuel due to its low impact on the environment and its value for money. It provides as good a performance as gasoline with remarkable economic savings. This is why it is increasingly used in a variety of sectors, including transport and self-drive business.

Testoni in Sardegna offers the best diesel fuel for cars island-wide and provides a dedicated service to meet the exact needs of customers.
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Diesel in the transport sector

Used in the transport sector, diesel is the fuel that has benefited most of the technological development in recent years. Testoni offers a good delivery service of home fuel for large quantities; for small quantities, you can shop directly at our outlet or visit one of our Bunker Points in Sardinia.

Technological development in the automotive sector

What is the great development and the growing demand for diesel for the car industry?
Certainly its advantageous price, which is accompanied by equal (if not superior) performance to gasoline.

Particular attention should be paid to the three main features of diesel for use in the transport sector: the number of cetane, its cold properties and lubricity. Testimonials focus on offering to Sardinian customers always and only high quality products that guarantee high performance without affecting the final price.
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