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Low environmental impact fuel distribution in Sassari and Sardinia

Testoni is one of the leading companies in the low-impact fuel business throughout Sardinia.The company, owned by the Testoni family, has been able to conquer both the provincial and regional markets thanks to a brilliant family management and far-sighted business activity that has been able to respond effectively and promptly to the needs of its customers. Testoni now supplies quality fuel to all the major island resorts and boasts several Bunker Point distribution sites.

The story: tradition in the distribution of fuels

Testoni's is a corporate story that is rooted in the dedication of a family who, since the 1960s, has devoted body and soul to producing quality fuels.

Established as a company dedicated to the production of what were then the main sources of energy, namely coal, wood and fuel oils, the company evolved rapidly, tightening its first relationships with the Agip local agency and cementing its reputation in the 1970's as a leader in the provincial oil market.
Thanks to the arrival of the brothers Riccardo and Roberto, sons of Mario Testoni, between the eighties and nineties the company consolidated and began a diversification process that in turn led to success in the years to follow.

Conscientious for Sardinia

The company: trade in petroleum products

In Sardinia, Testoni is synonymous with quality and reliability in the petroleum products business.

The company is the regional ENI dealer of fuels, fuels and lubricants, providing private and public operating in the most diverse sectors: from industry to craft, from agriculture to automotive. Fuels are all of low environmental impact, to respect the environment and reduce pollution.

Born as a small family-run company, Testoni has been able to interpret the needs of the market and now boasts a sales volume of around 65 million litres of fuel. There are 43 employees employed between the administrative and operational sectors, and 35 vehicles supplying customers at home.
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