Eni Dealer in Sassari and throughout Sardinia

Not just diesel and fuel oil purveyors: Testoni is also a leader in gasoline supply throughout Sardinia. As an Eni authorised retailer, we are the ideal partner, providing customer with ad hoc refill services and superior products at unbeatable prices and value for money.

Reliability and professionalism have led Testoni to become the reference company not only in Sassari, but also throughout Sardinia. Do not hesitate to contact us with inquiries or to request a free quote: our staff is at your service.
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What is gas?

Gasoline is one of the most used fuels in the world. This product is the result of the distillation of crude oil to date temperatures. Gasoline is distinguished by its transparent colour, its sharp and pungent odour, its oily texture and high flammability.

There are 3 main categories on the market:
  • green (or unleaded) gasoline, used in combustion engines or as fuel. This is commonly sold in the pumps and used as a fuel for non-diesel cars
  • the Superplus 98 gas, similar to the green one, but characterized by a higher octane number.
  • Avio gas or AvGas, used for aeronautical engines or as fuel in racing vehicles (F1 or MotoGP)

European gasoline specifications

European specifications indicate that the colour should be green and clear, with a minimum density of 15 ° C (720 kg / m³). The flash point should not exceed 21 ° C and the total sulfur content of 10 mg / kg.
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