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Wide range of parks in Sassari and all over Sardinia

Over more than 40 years of activity, Testoni has transformed from a small family owned company in Sassari to become one of the most well-established regional fuel supplier factories in the country. This was possible thanks to the founder's entrepreneurial spirit and know-how acquired through experience, coupled with an eye for customer needs.
Today, Testoni boasts a fleet of 35 vehicles and 43 employees.
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Fuel Plant

Testoni's fleet carries certified fuels to the customer's domicile. The service is valid for quantities exceeding 500 litres.

For smaller quantities you can visit our plant or various Bunker points across the island. Our staff are helpful and professional, always ready to assist the customer and meet their needs promptly and cordially.

Support for lubrication and fuel delivery

Thanks to our 35 secure and certified vehicles in Sardinia, and our team of professionals present every day in the company, Testoni offers customers an operational support system for any need. Dedicated assistance is one of our key services and one of the factors that has contributed to our expansion both locally and today, throughout Sardinia.

Do not hesitate to get in touch or visit our outlet. We're here to help meet your fuelling needs!
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