Sale of automotive and industry lubricants in Sassari and throughout Sardinia

Our lubricants are divided based on the application area, the automotive industry and the industrial sector. Testoni is a valued partner throughout Sardinian territory for the supply of lubricants. With over 40 years of activity, Testoni is able to respond effectively to customer needs, distinguishing itself as a leader in the industry.
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Synthetic lubricants for cars

Lubricants used in the automotive industry are mainly of synthetic type, suitably added to exceed the specifications and specifications required for individual products.

The advantages of synthetic lubricants are remarkable and varied: they protect, for example, the engine at all temperatures and facilitate the coldest temperatures; are ideal for lubricating all engine points immediately; they have a low volatility and provide greater cleanliness with lower consumption; Finally, they offer better performance under critical operating conditions. The synthesis bases are more expensive than the mineral ones, they can preserve the engine and reduce maintenance costs in the long run.

Lubricants for the industry

In the industrial sector, lubricants are essential for any device that contains mechanical organs in motion. Lubricant film is essential to reduce friction and wear, to remove the heat created by the friction, to protect the surfaces from oxidation and corrosion caused by acid fumes or other combustion products.
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